Friday, January 22, 2010


Less fluffy - Chloe and Goldfish July 2009

Chloe and chicken audience at Aunty's garden

unnamed bunny at Grannie's

Grizelda the chook

Twin Cousin's Baptism

Elijah DeAraujo with Cecilia, Chloe & John Macaulay

Chloe loves her little baby twin cousins Raphael and Elijah. She always asks to hold them and wants to look after them. Some times she gets excited and almost sits on them! Chloe's Mum gave the boys the coolest pyjamas for summer. They love wearing them.

I got to play with my big aunties and uncles. Uncle John gave me a cuddle and held me for ages.

Rafael and Elijah: photo by Jorge deAraujo

Chloe's Christmas

Cousin Elizabeth

Chloe has Christmas Eve at her aunty Katie's house. She got some very good presents, but best of all, she got to play all night with her favourite cousin Elizabeth. They run amuck and had crazy fun.